• Eric Clark

Renee Crutchfield-Patterson set aflame to Ricky Dillard's Album

The fervor of Renee Crutchfield-Patterson's delivery, in “Praise The Name Of Jesus,” is revivalistic.

It's been eleven years since her debut feature with Dillard. Apparently, there's no drought here! Her boisterous voice is Spirit-filled, perfectly decanted from her smash hit "Because Of The Blood." Soulful screams and runs, one after another, invoke a long-awaited revival to the world, Praise the name of Jesus!

The song’s tempo provokes unrestrained dance. As David danced before the Lord in celebration, Patterson's ad-libs are driving people to physical expressions of jubilation! She revives the “Sunday's best” sound in its purest form: hand-clappin’, foot-stompin' church.

Let’s have church! Hit the link below.

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