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Gospel Cavalcade by Eric Maurice Clark

Updated: Apr 30

Father Charles G. Hayes' legendary Gospel Cavalcade broadcast meant to the Chicagoan what the knight symbolizes in chess—mobile armor, victory from an unexpected quarter. Every Saturday, on multiple stations, Father Hayes used his broadcast to send shields to his listeners, to stir them to movement, to action, to fight against life’s blows. With his sermonic commentary between each gospel song, each show felt like Sunday Morning. The spiritual character of Father Hayes is known through his music. And from the twinkling glimpses so clearly transmitted through his music, he sent encouragement and strength to his listeners.

The first quarter of 2022 has revealed a worldwide hunger for spiritual guidance, encouragement, and strength. That sums up what the original Gospel Cavalcade provided. Too bad it isn’t the 1980s or 1990s anymore. Father Charles G. Hayes is long gone… or is he?

Charles G. Hayes the Third, grandson of the great Father Hayes, is proving himself the true heir of his grandfather’s legacy and talent. Hayes the Third is the spiritual embodiment of the great gospel music leader, the musical incarnation of his grandfather, and he is sweetening the bitter tensions of the world by means of the WBGX-1570 AM transmission towers Saturday after Saturday. Hayes the Third’s Gospel Cavalcade, a name adopted from his grandfather, renders spiritual guidance through his song-pick, ranging from Cosmopolitan (Father Hayes’ recorded music) to the more modern-day traditional Vincent Bohanan. This new Gospel Cavalcade may prove to be another knight, deftly putting despair and bitterness into checkmate.

For non-chess players, a checkmate is an ultimate victory. And Gospel Cavalcade is totally victorious!

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