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Eric Maurice Clark


Eric Maurice Clark is a gospel music enthusiast. He strives to share unsung stories by conducting interviews with the genre’s contributors. His work explores historical events and facts that impacted the conception and emergence of gospel music.  

In 2020, he launched his own publication, Inside a Gospel Music Historian’s World Magazine. Through his Coffee Table Magazine, he puts his devotion on display by illustrating its history and honoring its expounders. 


Eric Maurice Clark is a Chicago native. There, he developed his passion and started submerging himself in the gospel industry. Also, he organized a gospel television show called Let’s Talk About Music. During the show’s reign, he also became a radio personality. Then, he began working as a music clerk for various gospel record shops.


He platforms his work using several avenues. He has been featured as an gospel expert on multiple radio blogs and serves as the residential historian for Steel City Radio. Also, he has appeared on video blogs including his feature on Conversations with the Gospel Legends, hosted by Bob Marovich. 


Eric Maurice Clark is an active gospel music lover who delights in any opportunity to share nuggets about the genre's history.

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