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With God by Eric Maurice Clark

The repeat button is on alert for whenever a song catches my attention. Sometimes a song is just catchy, it completely catches me up in its arms and carries me to heaven. Detrick Haddon’s League of Xtraordinary Worshipers (LXW) has a song, “With God,” that has caught me up in just this way, recently. In fact, it’s spinning now!

The music and the lyrics are a perfect blend. Both tug at your soul. The music is full of lament. Embrace it. The music isn’t typical gospel, it’s Detrick’s honed gospel. The lyrics, they're blunt. Powerful. True. And truly inspired by the ancient message “with God all things are possible.” Detrick’s signature style is making a powerful message emphatic: isn’t that a perfect concoction?

Since Detrick’s career debut in 1995, he has been a bit edgy yet easily embraceable. Today, he’s introducing his musical genius to youth by way of Los Angeles-based group LXW. “With God” is the epitome of his signature twenty-first-century worship style and the simplicity of his lyrics. Both music and lyrics are blending perfectly, making it easy to carry home the message that “with God all things are possible.”

And “With God” is yet spinning…

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